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In 17th Feb.2006, Geesun was established;
In 2006,Geesun initially developed the semi auto solution and products: continuous welder, electrode cutter, semi auto winder;
In 2007 Geesun initially worked out the integrated solution for auto winder in China and successfully applied in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery;
In October 2007 Geesun's auto winder for prismatic cells was awarded the technical innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises by Ministry of Science and Technology of China; 
In 2008 Geesun passed the test and obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification;(upgraded to ISO9001:2008 version in 2011)
In the end of 2008 pleted the development of J/R manufacturing system, and achieved a breakthrough in the power cell equipment, such as laser cutter, multiple stacker, laser winding machine, etc, which were successfully applied in large battery manufacturers in China and exported abroad.
In December 2008, Auto winder for prismatic cells was approved as National Science and Technology Achievement;
In April 2009, Geesun moved to a new factory plant with 10,000 square meters;
In August 2009, Geesun obtained "Adopt International Standards Product Sign Certificate" from SAC(Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China)
In December 2009 Geesun was certified as National Hi Tech Enterprise.
In October 2010,  Geesun set up Shenzhen engineering Lab for Power LIB equipments;
In November 2011, the LIB auto production line project gained special fund support from National Development and Reform Commission;
In December 2010, Geesun obtained AAAA-class "Good Standardizing Practice Certificate" from SAC (Standardization Administation of the People's Republic of China)
In 2010, Geesun promoted and applied system integration producing Line technology;
In 2010, Suzhou Geesun Automation Technology Co., Ltd was formed, which became the marketing, producing and service center in Yangtz River Delta area;
In 2010, start to research the energy recycling lithium battery formation system.
In February 2011, Suzhou Geesun gained the honor of "Innovative Team in 2010".
In April 2011, Geesun gained the honor of the Eighth "Shenzhen Famous Brand";
In December 2011, Geesun was identified as " Hundreds of Independent Innovation Advantage Enterprises of Science and Technology in Bao'an District".
In December 2011, Geesun's "Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery Auto Winder" gained the 3rd prize of Science and Technology Progress Award from National Energy Bureau in 2010.
In January 2012, Suzhou Geesun gained the honor of 2011 Innovation Advanced Company.
In  April 2012, Kunshan Municipal Secretary came to Geesun for visit and investigation.
In June 2012, new product launched of the energy recycling lithium battery formation system.
In July 2012, lithium ion battery automation equipment manufacturing base of Suzhou Geesun laid a foundation in kunshan city hi-tech development zone.
At the end of 2012, new product launched of the AIO winder for prismatic cells;
In March 2013, new product launched of the high-speed continuous welder;
In April 2013,approved "Science and Technology R&D Institutions In Kunshan City"
In May 2013,approved " Engineering Research Center For Lithium Battery Auto Equipments In Suzhou City"
In Oct. 2013, new product launched of the auto winder for bluetooth cells. 
In Nov.2013, High-speed stacker approved "Excellent Product Award Certificate"in the 15th China International Hi-tech Fair.
In Dec.2013, approved "Science & Technology Progress Prize in Baoan government.
In Mar.2014,start to research the Z type high-speed stacker;
In May 2014, new product launched of laser powder cleaning machine.
In 2014, Geesun honored the Name of Excellence Supplier in Hefei Guoxuan High-tech Power energy Co.,Ltd;
In 2014, laser cutting technique has a large-scale application in the manufacture of power battery;
In Jan.2015, approved"Patent Award in 2013"in Bao'an government;
In 2015, auto winder AIO for cylindrical battery and auto winder AIO for prismatic battery gain customers'approval and large-scale application.
In Mar.2015, registered capital increased to 24.8 millions, renamed Shenzhen Geesun Zhiyun Technology Co.,Ltd and relocated new plant which has 20000 square meters.
In Jan.2016,approved"Patent Award in 2014"in Bao'an government;
In Jan.2016,gained production line orders for VDA power battery, providing whole set solution for the large-scale manufacturing of power battery.
In Feb.2016, the 10th anniversary of Geesun.
In Mar.2016, Geesun approved LIB manufacturing equipments standardization Work Group (No.SAC/TC412/ WG1);
In Mar.2016, Geesun recruited 36 graduates with Bachlor and Master Degree, confirmed to hire about 20 person with Bachlor and Master Degree from the 2016 key universities, which has ensured the human resource strength for the long term development; 
Up to now, the sales amount has exceeded more than ¥1,500,000,000, employees are about 300 person, engineers and R&D staff are about 100 person;
Till now, Geesun owns international leading core patents on the lithium-ion battery winding, stacking, and laser cutting & winding. 
At present, Geesun has cooperated with Tsinghua University,Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology,  Chinese Academy of Sciences-Shenyang Institute of Automation, The Allen-Bradley, Institute of Industry Technology.Guangzhou & Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Institu and other colleges and unicersities together with research organizations; Geesun has also gained lots of rewards and supports from state and government at all levels;
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